Wednesday, August 28, 2013

I don't understand the internet

Dear #,

I really don't understand certain parts of the internet. In this particular case, I'm talking about Comments. Now, no one follows my blog at all, so even if I said something worthy of rage and angry comments, I'd get maybe four or five people, most of whom know me well, who comment. As a result, it isn't really a comments section so much as a conversation, so this really doesn't apply here. Maybe someday I'll be good enough of a writer that people read my blog more often. That would probably be more likely if I actually updated more often, but whatever.

Here's what I really don't understand: If you hate whatever it is the article is about, why are you there? For example, if you're on a Mormon Feminists page and you are both Anti-Mormon and Anti-Feminist, why do you even bother showing up and reading the article? I mean, maybe they are just trolling, but... I don't understand that, either.

Or another example: On the Civilization page, on Facebook.

Most of the responses make sense: Cultural, Diplomatic, Scientific, I used to do cultural but now it is too hard, Domination is the only fun way to play, etc. But then there is this guy:

Why are you even on this page? Why do you even bother having this fill up your facebook feed? Why do you put something that most people on this page aren't going to care about, because they are actually fans of the game? And if that isn't bad enough, why don't you just change your damn windows profile name, so it stops being a problem?

Seriously. I don't understand.

Maybe someone can explain this mindset?



  1. Relevant:

  2. Yeah. There are some places where I've learned that lesson the hard way. KSL, our local "news" channel owned by an LDS "subsidiary" has some of the worst comments sections I've ever come across. But at least on those there is a justifiable reason they were there in the first place: to read the news.

    Youtube is renowned for their horrible comments, but again, they were there to be "entertained."

    But specialized sites or pages? It just doesn't make sense.

  3. I love the meme posted in the first comment! Sometimes I read pages just to see what others are thinking, but if I don't agree I generally just go my way and don't bother following them. I have enough to worry about without stirring up more things to worry about.