Wednesday, January 13, 2016

40 x 40, Habitica, & Dice

Dear Hashtag,

So we have a tradition in our family where we make miniature bucket lists filled with (potentially) achievable goals. The boys are on their 10 by 10 lists (that is, 10 things by age 10) and Holly is on her 30 x 30, but alas... I'm too old for that list. And I found that my 30 x 30 list was... ambitious. Overly so, I think. To be fair, I wrote it when I was 25, thinking graduation was just around the corner and a successful career would spell the end of our financial troubles. While we're getting there, I decided to do things a bit differently for my 40 x 40. I picked 8 sets of things to have as goals/bucket list items, and for each of those sets I have 5 things. Tada, instant list. Needless to say, this was difficult.

My full list is actually on Pinterest, you can find the board here: 40 x 40

Well, technically those are the ones I haven't completed yet. Which is most of them.

So anyway, I'm doing this Habitica thing, which I would highly recommend. It is basically an RPG for your life - you add your own habits, daily tasks, and to-do list items, and you get experience and treasure for completing them. It is a gamification thing, but it actually helps, particularly if your friends join! So if you do decide to join, let me know so we can team up and go questing together. That adds accountability and helps me, at least, try harder.

But I don't want to add my 40 x 40 things here, since they are such huge and lofty goals and would just sit there. Instead, I started this monthly dice challenge where you roll a die and work on that specific thing that month. I think this would be a great way for me to focus in on my list. It is random, fun, and allows me to shift focus from month to month so I don't get bored.

But instead of picking specific goals, I'm going with 6 of the 8 categories, and then I'll select a specific one from that category to work on. My categories are Career, Finances, Experiences, Learning, Self Improvement, Travel, D&D/Gaming, and Sexy Time. I think career and travel are outside the bounds of this particular method, so my six dice categories are:

1. Self Improvement
2. Finances
3. Experiences
4. D&D
5. Sexy Time
6. Learning

Now, it is important to note that I don't actually have to achieve my goal in any given month, just that I have to make an honest effort. And I may end up splitting some of these up in the future and pulling Finances, since right now there isn't much to do in terms of "honest effort" toward purchasing our first home. We're just not there yet.

Anyway, wish me luck!


  1. Sounds like good areas. Some are similar to my own areas of focus. As for "honest effort" financially, perhaps you could simply save change for a month and see what it adds up to, then open or add it to a savings account. As little as it is, you feel like you've started. My change is going toward a hot air balloon ride. I'm a long way from it, but I've started.

    1. Yeah. And some of my "Financial" goals are far less ambitious, stuff like "Buy a Kitchen-Aid."

      And there's usually something I can do, financially, but most of them aren't as effective as the little things I can toward other projects, like baking or writing or...