Monday, February 15, 2016

Podcast Catgories

Dear Hashtag,

As I continue to write and discuss podcasts, I definitely feel the need to break them down into categories. I currently listen to well over a hundred different podcasts, with an average cycle time (how often I get through the entire list) of about two weeks. I want to cull this down at some point, but so far I seem to be finding MORE podcasts to listen to, not less. Anyway, I have a wide variety of topics which I'm currently listening to. Here's a list. If there's any you're particularly curious about, let me know and I will add them to the top of my "To Discuss Soon" list. Otherwise I'll probably do them somewhat randomly.

Food and Drink -These are podcasts about food, cooking, culinary science, and drinks.

Stories - These are about the story. Some are fiction, most aren't. Story oriented. This is a whole genre, believe it or not. Many individual episodes overlap with other categories. 

Writing and Language - This is actually a substantially varied group. First there are podcasts about writing itself, primarily the work of writing as well as how to get published. Second there are podcasts about words, language, word history, etc. Finally there are discussions about specific books and author interviews.

Religion - Although this was once primarily about Mormonism, my listening has broadened to include Hindi, Buddhism, meditation and spirituality.

Money - This is either about personal finance or economics.

History - One of my favorite categories. All the history.

Sex - Some of these are about having sex, some are about struggles with sex and sexuality, and a couple are simply erotica. 

Current Events and News - This category is one of the only ones where I listen to shows from most recent back, instead of oldest first. Because it is so much more relevant than the minutiae of current events from 2009.

Gaming - Primarily RPG's, this also includes board gaming and game shows.

Science and Technology - pretty self explanatory. Woo!

Miscellaneous - These don't fit in any other category and there's not really a rational way I've found yet to split them off and give them their own label. As the number of podcasts I listen to has increased, the number of shows in this category have decreased.

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